Champagne Pam Reviews“INDUSTRY REVIEWS”

“Undeniably “bubbly” with a flexible vocal instrument… Pam has a solid, vibrant voice, Playful interaction with skillful guitarist John Hurley added to the “private party” feel because he happens to be her husband…. ”
- Rob Lester, Cabaret Scenes

“I loved it. Pam has never sounded better. John Hurley on guitar and pianist John Colianni (of the Les Paul Trio), were both stellar accompanists. But in the end it’s Pam, sorry, Champagne Pam, who’s the star of this act, which judging by what I saw, has a very bright future.”
- Robert Baird, Stereophile Magazine

“your (Pamela’s) voice is wonderful.  So clear and emotional and unforced. Angels must sound like you.”
- Dean Koontz, New York Times Bestselling author

“Ms. Lewis was engaging from the first second she appeared, walking through the audience singing her opening song, to the last moment of the show.  The way she used humor, personal anecdotes, and drew the audience into her personal life was delightful.  And that voice!  She had magnificent control, from her sparkling power belt, to her most intimate sotto voce. Her marvelous accompanist,  John Colianni and her husband John Hurley on guitar, rounded out a perfect show!”
- Karen Sussman, M.A., CCC, Director, Professional Voice Care Center

“Pamela Lewis is a very talented vocalist, her voice is sweet & strong at the same time – just like her stage presence…. We thought the show was great! Nice version of “Aint Nobody”…. bravo!”
- Schuyler Deale, renowned bassist for Michael Bolton, Billy Joel

- Killy Dwyer, award winning NYC comedic performance artist


“I laughed, I cried and felt I was on an epic journey of your life…your voice and songs choices were AMAZING!!!! A huge round of applause to you and John!!!!”
– Jennifer Wietzman

“You were absolutely FABULOUS!!! I laughed, I cried, it was better than ‘CATS'”… haha!!
–Laura Abella

“You were awesome I love that you showed so many parts of you! I loved you before and now I love you more! Xoxo”
– Steve Lampasona

“I so enjoyed your cabaret show – it was so incredible. – you should be on broadway!”
– Cheryl Williams

“Pamela – you were so great!!! I laughed, I cried. The singing was awesome. The pianist was great, and not only did John play well, he has excellent comic timing!”
– Karen Sussman

“Your show was fantabulous. Loved every song you sang. You were amazing.”
– Laura Costa

“Loved the show! Brian keeps saying “Pam is so talented” I keep agreeing with him :) Let us know the next time you perform.”
– Melissa Murphy Flanigan

“you are incredible! The show was absolute perfection! An amazing, amazing show.”
– Stacey Trueber

“the show was amazing! Thank you for inviting me! Champagne Pam ROCKS! You, your husband and the pianist were all great! Loved it”
– Rachel Brenton

“Your voice was flawless last night.”
– Caleb White

“Beautiful show!! Brava Diva P!”
– Ellen Dumlau

“Absolutely amazing, fantastic & awesome. You ROCKED. I loved the show”
– Patricia Jones

“Pamela your show was absolutely phenomenal !!!! I wish I cld go again to see it 2nite !!! u were absolutely amazing & flawless babe, absolutely flawless!!!!!!!”
– Keri Vicari

“Awesome show Pam, had a great time!!!”
– Billy Duhs

“You have an amazing voice Pam! Beautiful show, darling. You should be very proud… and not for nothing, but you didn’t seem nervous at all. LOVE YOU!”
– Jennifer Gordon Thomas