About Champagne PamSinger, Songwriter, Performer – Pamela Lewis steps into the spotlight…and captures your attention…The winning combination of her sultry, silky voice and infectious personality reveal the undeniable cabaret performer…“Champagne Pam”

Born and raised in metro-New York, Pamela’s passion for performing and music traces back to he earliest memories. When asked who wanted to sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer on the stage at a holiday gala – Pamela’s natural attraction to “the stage” (at age 5) resulted in her first impromptu performance… for a crowd of 200!!

During the timeline of her performance career, Pamela has been featured in a range of venues and performances, including music, comedy and acting.

From musical theatre to straight plays, from one-woman shows to cast member, from scripted productions to improvisational audience participation dinner theatre, from chorus member to singer in a rock band…Pamela’s affinity for the arts led her straight into the arms of guitarist John Hurley – her husband and writing partner.

Among their creative accomplishments, Pamela and John won first place in Dean Koontz’s “Shoot the Good Guy” audio/video book trailer contest. The winning entry was selected by the critically-acclaimed novelist himself and Bantam Dell Publishing. Of Pamela’s voice, Koontz exclaimed, “Your voice is wonderful. So clear and emotional and unforced. Angels must sound like you.”

Pamela and John’s joint venture with The Roc Project, titled “Never,” became a radio hit maintaining one of the top three spots on Billboard’s Hot Dance track charts for 22 weeks. It peaked at number one and is still played quite often.

In addition to the singer/songwriter duo with John, Pamela fronts a ten-piece orchestra for hire.

She was introduced to the world of cabaret by frequenting shows with her late aunt Marilyn. Those outings were eye-opening to Pamela on many levels – the broad span of music and entertainment was tantalizing, as was the company… Aunt Marilyn was not only a lover of theatre but a singer and performer herself. Pamela intends to honor the memory of her cabaret companion by performing (as well as attending) shows ensuring to keep the spirit and flame alive!!!

Music writer Chuck Lavazzi calls cabaret the “revelation of the individual performer’s personality through music.” Pamela hopes her shows will embody her humor, life and performance experience as she breaks into the cabaret scene and shakes it up. “I want people unfamiliar with cabaret to leave my show thinking ‘who knew cabaret was this cool?’”